Diamond Chameleon Adhesive Vinyl Sheet

Transform your projects into exquisite works of art with the Diamond Chameleon Adhesive Vinyl Sheet. Embrace the magic of shifting colors and elevate your crafts to a whole new level of elegance and enchantment.

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Step into a world of mesmerizing brilliance with our Diamond Chameleon Adhesive Vinyl Sheet! This extraordinary vinyl sheet is a true chameleon, showcasing an enchanting display of colors that shift and dance as the light changes, leaving you spellbound by its captivating charm.

The Diamond Chameleon Adhesive Vinyl Sheet is a dream come true for artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts seeking to add a touch of magic to their projects. Its surface is adorned with a dazzling array of colors that seem to come alive as they catch the light from different angles. With every move, your designs will transform, revealing new shades and hues that evoke a sense of wonder and awe.

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, it offers endless creative possibilities. Craft stunning decals for your car, design captivating window displays, or let your imagination run wild with artistic wall murals that command attention.

Its user-friendly nature allows for easy cutting and weeding, making the crafting process a joy for both beginners and seasoned creators.


Stretchable, Removable, UV proof, Weather proof, Water proof, Resistant to solvents, Easy cleaning, Easy maintenance, Stylish.


Surface material


Release Paper


Glue Type


Glue Content

Solvent Polyacrylate

Glue Color


Fabric thickness(With Glue)



3 colors

Available sizes




Cutting plotter



Removable With Heat


Stretchable With Heat


Outdoor 3 years, Indoor 6 years


Yesion Brand



Operation and Video

STEP 1: Clean Your Surface
The first thing you will want to do is make sure the surface that you are planning on applying the adhesive vinyl to is clean and dry. The smoother your surface the easier it will be to transfer your vinyl onto, but rougher surfaces like wood, textured walls, etc. will still work.
Step 2: Cut Your Design
You can cut your design by hand or use a craft cutter. After your design is all cut, remove the excess vinyl from around your image/lettering (this is called weeding).
Step 3: Apply Your Transfer Tape
Simply place your transfer tape over your vinyl, then take something flat and hard (i.e. credit card, scraper, application tool, etc.) to smooth out any bubbles and to make sure it is securely fastened to the vinyl. Next you will carefully pull off the backing paper from the vinyl being careful to make sure that the vinyl has transferred to your tape.
Step 4: Adhere Your Design
Carefully position it onto your project; once you have it in place, firmly press down and use your scraper to smooth out any bubbles. Always make sure to start from the center and work out towards the edges, this will press out any bubbles instead of pushing them in. Once you have your vinyl securely adhered to your surface, take one corner of your transfer tape and slowly pull downwards at an angle. Run your scraper/application tool (credit card, etc.) over the vinyl once applied to get out any remaining bubbles and help secure it to the surface.


Diamond chameleon adhesive vinyls are suitable for indoor and outdoor use; Cars & Vans, Trucks, Watercraft, Laptop, Cell phones, Wall, Furniture etc.