Yesion Sublimation Sticker Vinyl is available in both transparent and white colors, providing versatility for your designs. The transparent option allows you to create stunning see-through effects, perfect for applying your designs onto glass, acrylic, or other transparent surfaces. The white option offers a solid background that makes your colors pop and ensures vibrant and accurate printing.

The unique sublimation technology allows your designs to transfer onto the vinyl with exceptional precision and brilliance. Through the sublimation process, the ink permeates the vinyl, resulting in vivid and long-lasting colors that resist fading over time. Your stickers will have a professional and high-quality appearance that captivates viewers.

The Sublimation Sticker Vinyl features a strong adhesive backing that ensures secure adhesion to various surfaces. Whether you’re applying your stickers to laptops, water bottles, or any other item, they will stay in place, even with frequent handling. The adhesive is durable yet removable, allowing for repositioning without leaving any residue behind.