Sublimation Sticker Vinyl – Transparent

The sublimation vinyl for light color fabric perfectly solves the problem that the sublimation paper cannot transfer light-colored pure cotton fabrics.

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Transparent Sublimation Sticker Vinyl is our second type of sublimation vinyl in 2022. This sublimation adhesive vinyl is the perfect solution for sublimation on all types of surfaces!

The Material is a kind of Special Adhesive Film that can be applied on objects with a flat surface. It does not need any kind of extra protection (varnish or lamination).
High contact adhesive
Scratch resistant
Vibrant colors
High temperature resistance
Can be cut on a cutting plotter

Opertation and Video

How to use sublimation sticker vinyl?
1) Print the desired image in mirror mode with sublimation ink on paper suitable for sublimation (not on the sticker).
2) Wait for the print to dry so as not to smudge the print.
3) Set the flat press to 190 degrees temperature, 40 seconds time and low pressure.
4) Place the paper with the image facing over the vinyl sticker and place on the flat press.The printed side of the paper must face the adhesive vinyl.
5) Press the printed image on the sublimation sticker vinyl
6) Cut the sublimation sticker vinyl with cutting plotter.
7) Your sticker is ready!Stick on any types of surface!
Note: The quality of the image will influence the quality of the final product


Sublimation sticker vinyl is widely used for acrylic and plastic mugs; papers, agendas, notebooks, folders; musical instruments, such as a guitar and guitar top; glazing, pictures, wall clocks and more materials!