Yesion Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl features two captivating variations: Temperature Cold Sensitive and Temperature Hot Sensitive. This innovative vinyl reacts to changes in temperature, creating an intriguing transformation of colors. The Cold Sensitive variation changes color when exposed to colder temperatures, while the Hot Sensitive variation reacts to warmer temperatures. These color-changing effects add an extra layer of visual interest to your designs and captivate viewers.

Available in rolls and sheets, 12 colors for your choice, our Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl provides flexibility for your creative needs. The rolls are perfect for larger projects, allowing you to easily customize the size and shape of your designs. The sheets are ideal for smaller or precise applications, giving you control over every detail.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, our Color Changing Adhesive Vinyl is designed to maintain its performance and visual appeal. The adhesive backing provides a strong and reliable hold on various surfaces, ensuring that your designs stay in place.