Yesion’s RC (Resin Coated) Photo Paper offers exceptional image reproduction, vibrant colors, and incredible detail, ensuring your photographs come to life with breathtaking clarity.

With its advanced resin coating, this photo paper helps protect your images from fingerprints, moisture, and fading, preserving their beauty for years to come. Whether you’re displaying your work in a gallery, creating a photo album, or simply framing cherished memories, our RC Photo Paper guarantees stunning results that captivate viewers.

For RC photo paper, Yesion factory offers four surface textures: Glossy,Satin,Rough Satin,Woven.Whether you’re capturing breathtaking landscapes, stunning portraits, or captivating still life, our RC Photo Paper will showcase your talent in the most captivating way.

The RC Photo Paper is compatible with a wide range of inkjet printers, making it versatile and convenient for your printing needs. Its quick-drying properties prevent smudging and allow for immediate handling, saving you time and ensuring your prints are ready to be enjoyed right away.

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