Yesion Subli-Light (No Cut) Sublimation for Light Cotton is a kind of self weeding paper which means no background coating remains and no contour cutting is required.This no weed transfer paper can be applied to Cotton and mixed fabrics,Polyester with a commercial clamshell or swing-away heat press.
With Yesion Subli-Light (No-Cut), it’s finally possible to transfer full-tone colors onto White/Light Textiles. Without cutting and weeding!
Yesion (No-Cut) Subli-Light (No Cut) Sublimation for Light Cotton allows you to transfer powerful inks to white and light-colored fabrics. Use regular inkjet printer with sublimation ink and transfer your image to different surfaces within a few seconds. The strong colors and the unique soft touch will inspire you.
1-Paper Solution
Self-Weeding and easy to use
High Washability
Extremly Soft Touch
High Stretchability
Brilliant Colors & True Black
Suitable for regular Ink-Jet printers with sublimation ink.




Transfer condition






recommended using swing away heat press machine


A4: 50sheets/pack, 36pack/ctn

A3: 50sheets/pack ,18pack/ctn






inkjet printer with sublimation ink,like Epson,Canon


cardboard carton with plastic bag for each pack

Opertation and Video

Print the image
Set the paper type on our printer to ‘’ Glossy Paper ‘’ and choose ‘’ Mirror Mode ‘’, Quality select “photo” for printing.(After finished printing, please transfer the image within 30 minutes)
Setting the temperature of heat press machine to 185 degrees Celsius, and the time is adjusted to 15-30 seconds
Adjust the pressure of machine to slightly higher pressure (it is recommended to use the swing away heat press machine)
When the temperature of the machine is reached, press down the handle. When the time is reached, the buzzer will ring, remove the paper above to complete the transfer(After transferring ,tear off the paper quickly on the platen)
Finished transferring,cover the fabric with protective paper or copy paper and press it for another 12-15 seconds to get better result.
Washing Instructions
Fabrics should be machine washed inside out (separately for the first time only) in cool or cold wash setting.
No bleach.
Immediately remove garments from washer. Colors may bleed if left wet to long.
Tumble dry at warm setting.


YESION Subli-Light (No Cut) Sublimation for Light Cotton mainly apply to White/light Cotton and mixed fabrics,Light Polyester,Light Silk,Denim.
The application of Subli-Light (No Cut) Sublimation for Light Cotton
application of Subli-Light (No Cut) Sublimation for Light Cotton