Transfer tape is a type of adhesive tape used to transfer a cut-out design or image from one surface to another. Application transfer tape is specifically designed for use in the application of vinyl graphics and decals. It is a double-sided tape with a strong adhesive on one side and a low-tack adhesive on the other. The low-tack adhesive allows the tape to be easily removed from the vinyl graphics or decal without damaging them, while the strong adhesive on the other side holds the graphics in place during the transfer process.

Grey application transfer tape is a popular choice among vinyl graphics and decal installers. The grey color helps to block out any underlying colors or patterns, making it easier to see the design or image being transferred. This is particularly useful when working with intricate designs or small lettering.

In addition to its color, grey application transfer tape is also known for its durability and resistance to stretching and tearing. This makes it an ideal choice for transferring vinyl graphics and decals onto curved or uneven surfaces.

Overall, grey application transfer tape is a versatile and reliable tool for any vinyl graphics or decal installation project.





12*12″( 0.305×0.305m)




High / Medium / Low



Back Color

black/red/grey/blue grid


The application of transfer tape for vinyl is for image transfer about craft or diy.

application of transfer tape