Printable Colored Sticker Paper (Green)

Our colored sticker papers are vibrant colored labels and stickers with a permanent adhesive. Green Sticker Paper is the ideal solution for your products labeling, creating custom stickers, or organizing your workspace.

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Green Sticker Paper fits all your labeling needs. Create professional product labels that highlight your brand’s commitment to sustainability. Organize your home office with ease, labeling files, folders, and storage boxes for a clutter-free workspace.
Green label Paper supports high-resolution printing, delivering sharp, vibrant designs that stand out. These labels adhere firmly and resist peeling, ensuring your items stay neatly labeled over time.

  • A4 coloured self-adhesive vinyl labels – ideal for customising your own labels / stickers, like address labels, badges, organising purposes (folders), etc.
  • Options include PP matte and glossy finish,PET transparent finish – good for high quality text & image printing, as well as writing, high quality, waterproof and non-tearable.
  • Paper Weight: surface paper (70gsm ), glue (20gsm ), release paper (80gsm )
  • Machine Compatibility: Suitable for most inkjet and laser printers including HP, Brother, Epson, Canon, Lexmark and Kodak.


Material PP matte and glossy finish;

PET transparent finish

Dimensions 210mm x 297mm / A4 sheet
Paper Weight surface paper (70gsm), glue (20gsm), release paper (80gsm)
Color 9 colors


Yesion Brand



Operation and Video

Design the pattern and import it into the cricut software to make a cutting outline;
Make a contour drawing and click “Send to Printer” in cricut to print out the pattern;
It is recommended to use a regular desktop inkjet printer and laser printer such as HP, OKI, etc. If the customer has a large copier, you can also test the operation by yourself;
After printing is completed;
Put the printed paper on the cutting mat;
Use the cricut cutting machine to cut the outline;
Choose the appropriate cutting method and material;
Of course, you can also choose to use scissors for simple outlines;
After cutting is completed;
You can stick it on any flat surface.


Our coloured sticker papers have a wide range of uses including industrial notations, medical labeling, laboratory marking, scrapbook stickers, calendars, Product Labeling, and crafts,etc.