When it comes to printing your cherished memories, using high-quality photo paper is essential for achieving stunning results. YESION Factory offers double-sided glossy photo paper that allows you to capture and preserve your precious moments with exceptional clarity and vibrancy.

With a weight of 260gsm, this photo paper provides a sturdy and durable base for your prints. It offers excellent rigidity, ensuring that your photos maintain their shape and integrity even when displayed or handled frequently. Whether you’re creating photo albums, framing your images, or showcasing them in exhibitions, YESION’s 260gsm double-sided glossy photo paper is up to the task.

Its weight, glossy finish, and double-sided feature provide a solid foundation for your prints and allow you to showcase your memories with exceptional clarity and vibrancy.

Experience Stunning Photo Prints with Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper

If you’re seeking high-quality photo prints with a professional finish, look no further than Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper. This exceptional paper is specially designed with a glossy surface finish on both sides, ensuring that your photos look remarkable from every angle. With its instant drying characteristics, you can enjoy smudge-free prints without any delay. Yesion Double Sided High Glossy Photo Papers are the ideal choice for all your photo printing needs, delivering outstanding results every time.

Instant Drying for Immediate Use

One of the standout features of Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper is its instant drying capability. Thanks to this remarkable characteristic, you can handle your freshly printed photos immediately without worrying about smearing or smudging the ink. Whether you’re printing a single-sided or double-sided document, you can rest assured that your prints will be ready to use right away, saving you valuable time and ensuring a seamless printing experience.

Glossy Surface with a Mirror Finish

The glossy surface of this photo paper boasts a mirror-like finish, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your prints. The reflective properties of the paper create a stunning visual impact, enhancing the vibrancy and depth of your images. Whether you’re printing portraits, landscapes, or any other type of photograph, the glossy surface will elevate the overall appearance, resulting in truly breathtaking prints.

High Color Density for Vibrant Results

Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper is specifically engineered to deliver exceptional color density. This means that your prints will showcase vibrant, true-to-life colors with impressive clarity and detail. Whether you’re capturing the vibrant hues of a sunset or the subtle shades of a delicate flower, this photo paper ensures that every color pops, creating visually stunning prints that captivate the viewer’s attention.

Inkjet Printing with Dye Ink

Designed for compatibility with inkjet printers, this photo paper allows you to unleash the full potential of your printer and achieve professional-grade results. It is optimized to work seamlessly with dye ink, ensuring accurate color reproduction and sharp image quality. Whether you’re printing personal photos, marketing materials, or creative projects, the combination of Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper and dye ink guarantees outstanding results that exceed your expectations.

Ultra Smooth and White Surface

The ultra-smooth and white surface of this photo paper provides the perfect canvas for your prints. The smoothness of the paper ensures precise ink absorption, resulting in sharp and crisp images. Additionally, the bright white base enhances the contrast and clarity of your prints, allowing even the subtlest details to shine through. With Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper, you can expect nothing less than superior print quality that truly showcases the beauty of your photographs.

In conclusion, Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper is a top-tier choice for anyone seeking exceptional photo prints. Its double-sided surface, instant drying capabilities, glossy finish, high color density, compatibility with dye ink, and ultra-smooth, white surface combine to create an unparalleled printing experience. Elevate your photo printing endeavors to new heights of excellence with this outstanding photo paper.

Double Sided Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper is a high quality cast coated photo printer paper with two sides glossy surface finish. It has instant drying characteristics that allows immediate use without smearing or smudging on double sided. Yesion Double Sided High Glossy Photo Papers are ideal when it comes to printing photos.It is very good for jobs that require duplex printing.
Double sided surface, Cast coated
Instant Drying (waterproof )
Glossy surface with mirror finish
High color density
Inkjet printing with dye ink
Ultra smooth, white surface


Paper Weight





Cast coated  

ISO Brightness



Brilliant bright white



Available sizes




Yesion Brand  




Printer: Compatible with all inkjet printers
Ink: All glossy photoproducts are compatible with dye inks. Not designed for solvent, latex or UV.
Epson Photo (dye inks): Yes
Epson UltraChrome (pigment): No
Epson DuraBrite Ultra (pigment): No
Canon: Yes
Canon Lucia (pigment): No
HP (dye): Yes
Lexmark (dye ): Yes
Kodak (Dye ): Yes


The applications of double sided glossy photo paper for inkjet printer include brochures, advertising, flyers, one sheets, photographic printing and other presentation documents.
Glossy Inkjet Paper allows for wide color gamut printing of photos, brochures, charts, calendars, graphs and presentations.