Sublimation Vinyl Roll For Dark Cotton

The sublimation vinyl for dark color fabric perfectly solves the problem that the sublimation paper cannot transfer dark-colored pure cotton fabrics.

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Unlike traditional sublimation paper, this Sublimation vinyl is specially engineered to work on dark cotton fabrics, offering a solution to the challenges faced with sublimating onto dark materials.

This innovative vinyl enhances the sublimation effect, ensuring that vibrant colors are retained, regardless of the shirt’s color. It’s designed with a protective film that covers the heat-pressed design, ensuring strong adhesion and making it easy to weed and cut. Once heat pressed, the protective film can be easily removed without any wrinkles or bubbles, leaving behind a flawless transfer.

With sublimation HTV, you can easily apply intricate and multi-colored graphics onto T-shirts and other apparel. Whether you’re looking to create bold designs or subtle patterns with a hollow effect, this vinyl allows for endless creative possibilities. And the best part is, the transferred colors remain vivid and bright, even after multiple washes, ensuring long-lasting quality and durability.

Vivid & Bright Colors.
Easy to Use & Transfer.
Long Lasting & Non-fading.
Soft hand & very flexible.
Washable & Light fastness.


Surface material PU face film
Film thickness(with glue) 0.14mm
Glue type Silica glue
Release paper PET
Color White
Available sizes A4/A3/12inX12in/12inx82ft

Opertation and Video

Materials needed:
Computer, printer, Sublimation ink, Cutting plotter, Tool set, Heat press machine,black fabric.
Step 1:
Obtain a pattern, import the pattern into the operating software of the cutting plotter, and print the designed pattern with sublimation ink through the software of the cutting plotter.
Print Mode: Mirror Print, High Quality Glossy Paper, Standard Print Quality.
Note: Record the size settings of the printed pattern.
Step 2:
Re-upload the pattern to the software of the cutting plotter (Note: The size of the pattern needs to be the same as the printed pattern), then click the offset and set the distance of the outline to 0.1mm and cut out the pattern (if the pattern is complex and small, the offset can be appropriately increased; if it is simple and the offset can be appropriately reduced).
Take out the sublimation vinyl, cut out the outline edge of the pattern by the cutting plotter, and then weed the extra parts. (Note: Cutting Mode:Mirror).
Step 3:
Transfer the pattern.
Set heat press parameters: Temperature: 185℃, Pressure: medium.
Put the sublimation HTV vinyl face up on the fabric, iron at 185℃ for 5 seconds, and remove the base film of the sublimation vinyl (Cold Peel).
Put the printed sublimation paper on the sublimation vinyl,Align and fix the pattern.Iron with a heat press machine at 185°C for 45 seconds, peel off the sublimation paper(cold peel).
Step 4:
Transfer completed.

Note: If the pattern is not easy to align during transfer, you can also put a positioning film on the back of the sublimation paper, and then use a cutting plotter to cut the pattern on the sublimation paper and then weed the extra parts,in order to align the pattern during transfer.


Sublimation HTV vinyl is widely used on most material: 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, Poly / Cotton Blends,such as dark colored clothes, Canvas bags, Hats, Socks, Pillows, Baby clothing and more.