Printable temporary tattoo paper for laser printers is a special type of paper that allows you to create your own temporary tattoos using a laser printer. The tattoo paper is coated with a water-soluble adhesive that allows the tattoo to adhere to the skin for a short period of time.

To create your own temporary tattoo, you simply print your desired image onto the printable tattoo paper using a laser printer. Once the image has been printed, you can cut it out and apply it to your skin using a damp cloth. The tattoo will stay in place for several hours before gradually fading away.

Printable temporary tattoo paper for laser printers is a great option for those who want to try out a new tattoo design before committing to a permanent one. It’s also a fun option for parties or events where you want to add some temporary flair to your outfit.

When using printable temporary tattoo paper, it’s important to make sure that the image you are printing is mirror-reversed so that it appears correctly on the skin. You should also test a small area of skin with the tattoo before applying it fully to make sure that you aren’t allergic to the adhesive.



A4 / A3

Transfer type

water transfer

Suitable printer

laser printer


(50 sheets A tattoo paper+50 sheets B adhesive film)

Opertation and Video

Easy to use
1. Print the image with laser printer.
2. Attach B film to A paper.
3. Use a scraper to scrape out the air bubbles.
4. Remove the adhesive film.
5. Attach the image on the skin, wet and press.
6. Slide out the back film.
1. Mirror Printing
2. Make sure the skin is dry and clean before transferring.
3. Press and wet 30~40 seconds when transferring large-format patterns, and then remove the backing film.
4. Avoid friction with clothing or accessories for 30 minutes after transferring.
5. The glue feeling will get weaker and weaker after a few hours.
How to use temporary tattoo paper for laser printer

Temporary Tattoo Paper for Laser Printers


The application of Printable Temporary Tattoo Paper for laser printer is used for DIY tattoos on skin.
The application of laser temporary tattoo paper

application of temporary tattoo paper